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2024 Optimizing pig nutrition for enhanced resilience. Nutrinews International March 2024 Read more


2023 Novel strategy to optimize productivity in dairy sheep. International Dairy Topics by Positive Action Publications. May 2023Read more


2023 Enhanced feeding strategies for long-life layers. Poultry World by Misset. April 2023. Read more


2022 Animal Science turns to advancing resilience for heat tolerance. Feed & Additive Magazine  June 2022. Read more


2021 Frequent monitoring reveals poultry resilience indicator. International Poultry Production by Positive Action Publications. April 2021. Read more


2020  Setting a new benchmark for pigs to reach their genetic potential  International Pig Topics by Positive Action Publications, November 2020.  Improving resilience of countries, companies and individuals has been a big theme in 2020. Animal Scientists are also working on how to measure and improve resilience in pigs. Read more


2020  Women in agriculture bring 3 big Cs to the table. Aponi2b blog post. Read more


2020  Feeding dairy cows for adaptive capacity.  International Dairy Topics by Positive Action Publications,, March 2020. Read more


2019 Why the Internet of Everything takes strategy from product managers, Interview with IoT influencer and product management expert Daniel Elizalde. Aponi2b blog post.  Read more


2019  Freelance Journalist to be - 10 skills to master beyond writing  Blog by Aponi2b. September 2019. There is writing and then there is writing for journalism. What is exciting about journalism is that it is really all about people. Freelance journalists and editors comment on what it takes to be a wanted freelance journalist. Read more


2019  Labour shortage drives the need for cow resilience.                                                                                                                                     International dairy topics by Positive Action Publications. May 2019.


2018 This idea could help gain control over ASF                                                                                                                                                      Pig Progress  by Misset, November 2018. Almost concurrent with the first reported African Swine Fever (ASF) outbreaks in Belgium, a Belgian startup delivered a pitch for a disruptive technology to take control of ASF outbreaks at the FoodBytes event In London. Read more 


2018 How to take your birds from doing great to agile for consistent efficiency                                                                                               International Poultry Production by Positive Action, August 2018. Nutritional concepts designed to support the bird's capacity to adapt to nutritional challenges, increase the agility of the bird, particularly under situations of increased stress. They are a sustainable alternative to help reduce the use of antibiotics for consistency of  high performance levels in birds. Read more


2018 How to take a leap: Starting a business at 50 plus in Maine                                                                                                              MaineBiz Fact Book 2018, July 2018. Studies have shown that becoming an entrepreneur in your late career can really boost the quality of your life. Why not do this in a state ranked highly for quality of life. Find out how to take the leap


2018 Evolution in the evaluation of phytogenics

All About Feed by Proagrica. June 2018.. Phytogenics can offer a very valuable tool for nutritionists designing strategies to reduce the need for antibiotic growth promotors in animal protein production. However, there is a need to validate reliable biomarkers to measure efficacy and safety of phytogenics. Here a scientific and a commercial view on progress made so far. Read more


2017 Keep pigs agile to manage the cost-effectiveness of feed

Pig Progress by Proagrica, May 2017. Combining inspiration from the industry 4.0 movement with learnings from genetics, paves the way to new approaches in pig nutrition. read more


2016  Startups in agriculture you should follow

LinkedIn post, October 2016. Agriculture is an old industry and it probably is not at the top of your head, when you think of the startup scene. However, there has been a big change in recent years. read more.


2016  Higher efficiency in pig performance with gut agility

International Pig Production by WATT, April 2016. The application of agility to pig nutrition is an entirely new approach for more profitability in competitive animal production. read more


2013  How to select the best phytase for your feed formulation                                                                                                                          Feed Management by WATT, December 2013. Five phytase characteristics to consider for achieving stronger levels of performance profitability. . read more


2012   Using innovation to formulate pig diets

International Pig Production by WATT, March 2012. In a world of price volatility, it will take creativity and a fresh pair of eyes to be successful in pig production. So how exactly does one go about doing that? read more


2012  Phytase for the environment and for profits

Pig Progress by Proagrica, February 2012. The use of feed enzymes offers solutions to reduce the cost of manure disposal and improve the sustainability of pork production as measured by environmental indicators from a life cycle assessment. read more


2011   Boost your risk management capability with enzymes

All About Feed Proagrica, April 2011. Risk management is a hot topic and companies in most industries are assigning resources to risk management. Enzymes offer an effective tool in risk management strategies to counter raw material price volatility in the animal feed industry. read more


2010  Enzyme solutions lower the cost of safer feed

International Poultry Production, by Positive Action, V18,No7.  read more


2002   Phytobiotics a sustainable solution

Feed Mix, November 2002.