Keep Agile Keep Farming PoDcast

Keep Agile Keep Farming is a free podcast for farmers, looking for encouragement and inspiration to try out new things and become more adaptable to change for resilient farming.


If you are passionate about agriculture, tune into the 2 minute Keep Agile Keep Farming podcast trailer to find out what the podcast is all about.  

Latest podcast episode

Episode 6- Sustainable beef production just got smarter

A large scale Australian cattle producer and a new entrant UK beef farmer give their perspective on sustainable beef production and how it can be made more profitable and measurable by using smart tools.

Featured episode

How to keep on top of pig health and antibiotic usage remotely

Find out how a pig farmer in Iowa came up with a solution that is now helping pig producers  to manage pig health more effectively by making it easier to collect and share pig records, increasing biosecurity and employing veterinarians more efficiently.


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