Keep Agile Keep Farming PoDcast

Keep Agile Keep Farming is a free podcast for farmers, looking for encouragement and inspiration to try out new things and become more adaptable to change for resilient farming.


The Keep Agile Keep Farming podcast  is hosted by freelance journalists Gwen and Nick. Dr. Gwendolyn Jones @Aponi2b has been involved in agriculture for more than 15 years on a global level and is an ICAgile certified professional for agility in marketing. Nick Alatti has worked in journalism for more than 20 years, reporting for regional and national newspapers in the UK, spent 3 years as a presenter in community radio and is a tutor at the London School of Journalism. 

Latest podcast episode

Episode 7- How is Agtech being adopted by the livestock sector?

Dr. Sam Hoste from Quantech Solutions joins us to talk about what matters to farmers in adopting new technologies and where agritech companies still need to improve to become more farmer friendly.


Featured episode

How to keep on top of pig health remotely

Staying at home to work is the new norm for many right now. Find out how a pig farmer in Iowa came up with a solution that is now helping pig producers  to manage pig health remotely and more effectively by making it easier to collect and share pig records in real time, as well as increasing biosecurity .

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