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Farm diversification - trends and opportunities

The editor of the Farm Diversity Magazine shares some new farm diversification trends. Victoria Galligan has seen a lot when it comes to farm diversification and came across some quite unique projects. Her insights can serve as inspiration to anybody aspiring to diversity their farm to add another stream of farm-based income and increase the economic resilience of their farm.


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Why collaborate for agility, diversity and sustainability in agriculture?

The annual Google search report for 2020 revealed that people asked "why?" questions more than ever before, as they searched Google for answers to all types of questions. So we thought which "why?" question should we ask for agriculture to move into the New Year. 

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Channeling stress into success with Celia Gaze

In this episode of the Keep agile Keep Farming podcast we chat to Celia Gaze, founder of the Wellbeing Farm, author and multiple award winner. Celia has much to share from her experience and wants others to benefit from it and prepare them for some of the potential obstacles they may encounter on their farm diversification journey.



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Women in agriculture – bring 3 big Cs to the table

Most women in agriculture do not inherit farms. This means that for most female farmers out there farming is a choice they make and they bring a lot to the table. Even though the industry can obviously greatly benefit from this, in many cases the contribution of women to agriculture has gone largely unrecognized right up until quite recently.


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How to manage pig health remotely


Imagine helping to save pigs' and human lives from your home office and work more efficiently as a team.  The good news is there is a solution available that enables pork producers and swine veterinarians to recognize and respond to pig health issues remotely and in real time. Tune in to the second episode of the Keep Agile Keep Farming Podcast and listen to the chat with the founder and CEO of the company who developed this solution.

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Overcoming the challenges of adopting IOT solutions in agriculture


In an interview José Cruz, Founder and CEO of Red Wireless shares his perspective on helping farmers to adopt the internet of everything (IoE) and IoT solutions for agriculture with product managers.


Image source: shutterstock, red wireless

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