How is AgTech being adopted by the livestock sector?

In this episode of the Keep Agile Keep Farming podcast, Dr. Sam Hoste, founder of Quantech Solutions shares his experience in what matters to livestock farmers in adopting new technologies. Sam has a wealth of international experience in animal breeding, data analysis and large-scale innovation projects across the agricultural supply chain, which he is currently applying to help companies in the precision livestock sector.



Tune into episode 7 below and gain insights from somebody who works as a bridge between new technologies and livestock farms.


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According to Sam farmers are generally very open to adopting new technologies and can be quick to implement them. this is particularly true for solutions that help them save time to spend on the more practical jobs they love doing and they can see a clear advantage from using them. However, Sam also points out " If somebody has to change their machinery, or equipment to use the technology it is going to be a tall order."Agtech companies can also benefit from improving the way they articulate and demonstrate the benefits of their technologies. 


About Dr. Sam Hoste

Sam has a technical background in agriculture and animal breeding, with more than 15 years of international experience leading innovation projects in the agricultural supply chain. He is the founder and CEO of Quantech Solutions, based on the family farm in Yorkshire UK. Quantech Solutions specializes in assisting agtech companies in the process of commercializing their innovations n the livestock sector.  Find out more about Quantech Solutions