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Hi and welcome to my profile,


My name is Gwendolyn Jones. I am a freelance journalist and writer, who specializes in content related to agriculture, startups and IoT. I am available for article commissions and web content development.


I have a global perspective on farming through a variety of international roles in the animal feed industry. One of my past roles also brought me into contact with entrepreneurship in many different industries outside of agriculture. This drives my interest in new technologies being applied to farming towards a smarter and sustainable future food security globally.


I am educated to PhD level in Animal Science in agriculture. Since I also gained a MBA from the Tippie College of Business, University of Iowa, I am not only interested in all things animal production and farming, but also in entrepreneurship. 

Continuous learning is really part of who I am and my more recent qualifications include a MSc in Online Media Marketing from the Danube University in Krems and a distance learning diploma in freelance and feature writing from the London School of Journalism. I am also certified for agility in marketing.


ICAgile certified professional, 2021

Agility in Marketing

My articles have appeared in titles ranging from WATT Feed Strategy, Pig Progress, All About Feed, Farmers Weekly, International Poultry Production, International Dairy Production to Maine Biz. Portfolio Link




Currently I am also putting my journalistic skills to good use for the Keep Agile Keep Farming podcast.


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