Aponi2b: How to change for the better in 2017

It is this time of year where we probably think of personal changes the most and we have all good intentions to make changes for the better. But what stands between dreaming of change for the better and making it a positive reality?

2016 was a year of political turbulence and surprises in several countries. A dissatisfaction with the “old systems and establishments” was a common thread between countries, which amongst fears lead to decisions that had been previously thought as the unlikely choice to make.


Those choices mean big changes to come for entire nations. The consequences of those choices will not stop at the respective nations but will most likely also have an impact on entire economic communities and the world as it stands today.


Going for change is a brave step. However, it does not matter whether we voted for something to change, we want to change our career, our jobs, our habits, our weight or we are forced to adapt to change. The next step, i.e. making that change happen into a positive reality for us that is where many can struggle or fail. 

At this second step, we start to realize what it takes to change and that it is often a lot easier said than done. Did you follow through on all you new year’s resolutions?

 Read the following post for inspiration to follow through on your intentions for change: What does it take to change?


I hope that collectively we all follow through with the changes we wish to make and that good intentions for change will become a positive reality through actions.  If we all succeed in our own little ways, the world will look even better and be filled with more hope at the end of 2017 than it did at the start of 2017.     

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